Eco Friendly Carton Sealing Tape: BondTape

Eco Friendly Carton Sealing Tape

With the exponential rise of online shopping and eCommerce, increasing volumes of packaging waste are entering land fill each day. We all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint, so it makes sense to choose a natural and recyclable solution Carton Sealing Tape such as Bond Tape.

Our reinforced gummed paper tape, called Bond Tape is our most ecofriendly carton sealing taping method. Bond Tape is made from a natural Kraft paper carrier and starch adhesive, making it 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable, unlike cellophane, polypropylene and polyester tapes. Kraft paper is porous, so when the gum adhesive in Bond Tape is water activated it absorbs into the cardboard carton, bonding both tape and carton together in a tight seal. Bond Tape provides a superior seal compared to other pressure sensitive tapes that only stick to the surface.


With Bond Tape, recycling your cartons is easy as you don’t have to remove the tape, you simply flatten the carton, tape and all, and put it in the recycling bin. It takes time to separate plastic tapes from cartons to make them recycle ready, and time is money.

Bond Tape creates a strong bond and unlike standard tapes, is tamper resistant. If tampering has occurred it is clearly visible, in turn discouraging theft of items in the carton. Using Bond Tape eliminates adhesive failure and stands up to the rigours of freight handling and transit conditions. Because it is the most durable tape available, dusty environments, extreme cold and heat does not lift the bond between carton and tape.



Another appealing feature of Bond Tape in the industrial packaging sector is it can be customised so company logos and marketing messages can be printed on the tape, increasing brand awareness and corporate respectability, while also eliminating the need for costly carton printing.

It is by far more user friendly than standard tapes as the adhesive in Bond Tape binds immediately to cardboard, even if it is low grade, previously used or not perfectly flat. Only one strip of tape is needed, eliminating the need to add multiple bands of tape to reinforce the seal, saving time, cost and resources.

Bond Tape requires the use of a water activated tape dispenser which is more ergonomic than using a handheld tape gun. Repetitive use of a tape gun can aggravate carpal tunnel syndrome, reducing the productivity of your staff and increase workplace sick leave. Water activated tape dispensers remain stationary at a workstation while in use and can be set to dispense a specific length of tape reducing the amount of repetitive manual labour.

Carton-Sealing-Tape-Manual-Tape-Dispenser Manual-Pull-and-Tear-Tape-Dispenser Electronic-Tape-Dispenser-grey-with-coloured-buttons

We have a range of sturdy automatic and manual water activated tape dispenser systems that make carton sealing more efficient and ergonomic for your staff.

You can view our superior quality and high performance dispenser systems here.

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