FAQ Category: Strapping machines

What is the best strapping machine for my operations?

Your choice of strapping machine should be informed by the strapping material you use, the speed at which your product needs to be strapped and how automated your operation needs to be. We have side strapping, table-top strapping and arch strapping machines to choose from.

Do strapping machines need to be serviced?

Yes they do. Your machine will come with guidelines on how many hours of service your machine can do before it needs a service. Regular servicing may be part of its warranty conditions. If your machine needs a service you should contact your distributor for more information.

What’s the difference between a strapping tool and a strapping machine?

A strapping tool is a hand-held device that can be battery operated, pneumatic, or completely manual. Strapping machines semi-automate or fully automate the strapping process. An operator places the item to be strapped in position on the machine and it is strapped top and bottom within seconds ready for the next carton or object.