FAQ: Water activated tapes and dispensers

Is BondTape tamper evident?

Yes it is. As BondTape bonds with the inner corrugated layer of cardboard, it can’t be pushed in like plastic tapes that only float on the surface. It becomes tamper evident if interfered with. Plastic tapes are pressure-sensitive, so will lift off the cardboard and the seal is breached and items can be removed. The plastic tape can be stuck back down without evidence of the breach.

How does BondTape work?

When BondTape is water activated and applied to a carton it bonds with the inner corrugated layer to form a seal.

What type of industries use water activated tape?

All industries that ship cartons from the factory to store, factory to manufacturer or store to customer use water-activated tape. Tamper evidence and pack strength are the main reasons a company chooses gummed paper tape over conventional tapes. Industries that use this tape include fashion, food, electronics, homewares, beauty, health care, pharmaceuticals, security, jewellery and eCommerce.

Which is the most cost-effective tape?

The most cost-effective tape is BondTape or gummed Kraft paper tape. It takes less tape to create a secure seal with water-activated tape. Just one strip is all that is needed for a cardboard carton. Other tapes need more applications to create security, sometimes adding cross-directional strips to anchor the flaps of the carton down. Also, because gummed paper tapes are tamper-evident it is less likely your goods will slip out and get damaged, or worse, stolen.

Another cost-saving is that water-activated tape dispensers are benchtop mechanisms which prevents repetitive arm and hand movement. Staff are less likely to need sick leave for repetitive strain injury. Continuous use of a tape gun, some of which can be heavy, cause carpal tunnel, injury and the need for paid sick leave. This may also lead to you having to hire temporary staff to fulfil orders and keep your production up to speed.

Is it more productive to used gummed paper tape than pressure sensitive tapes?

Since water-activated tape is dispensed from a benchtop mechanism, it eliminates repetitive strain injury that is caused by tape gun dispensers typically used to apply pressure-sensitive tapes. Due to the superior bonding properties of gummed paper tape, only one strip is needed. While other tapes can be less expensive, over-application of pressure-sensitive tapes to secure a decent seal takes more time and uses more tape. It is more productive to use gummed paper tape in the long run.

Do I need a manual or an electronic gummed paper tape dispenser?

A manual or an electronic gummed paper tape dispenser depends on your level of productivity. If you have a busy mailroom and need a fast tape dispenser then we would recommend the Better Packages Electronic Tape Dispenser. This dispenser can seal over 100 cartons per eight-hour shift without overheating and saves staff from acquiring repetitive strain injury. We have a range of manual dispensers such as tape shooters and pull and tear dispensers for the slower-paced mailroom that come well designed and built as more affordable options.

How do I use water activated tape to seal my carton?

It’s important to get the dampened tape from the dispenser to your carton as soon as it shoots out. Apply it from the middle and spread outwards along the seal until it has smoothed and formally bonded with the carton. It will take a few seconds to set.

Are water-activated tape dispensers expensive?

The cost of a water-activated tape dispenser depends on whether you get a manual, semi-automated or a fully automated dispenser. Fully automated tape dispensers are necessary for busy packing rooms where there is a high output of parcels. Fully electronic machines are good for stopping repetitive strain injury and for saving on excess use of tape. Manual tape dispensers are the more affordable option with fewer features and suitable for a smaller production line.