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TMS-300 Semi-Auto Strapping Machine


  • Affordable, portable & compact semi-auto machine.
  • They are designed for general purpose use and can meet your various applications.
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  • F.I.S (Metro)

TRS-600 Auto Strapping Machine  Auto-Strapping-Machine-Pacmasta-TRS-600


  • With proven quality & competitive price, it is the most cost-effective solution for a 12mm wide PP strap.
  • Increased productivity & efficiency in your process.
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F.I.S (Metro)

AFS-900 Advanced Auto Strapping Machine  Advanced-Auto-Strapping-machine-Pacmasta-AFS-900

The Pacmasta AFS-900 is an enhanced automatic strapping machine for wide straps (8 mm-12 m). With the enhanced features, it is the most powerful machine and the best price/performance ratio product in its class for wide straps general-purpose application

  • Reliable and Robust Strapping Head
  • Electronic Tension Control – Strap tension can be adjusted accurately by the simple turn of a dial.
  • Auto Strap Feeding – Simply insert the strap into the feeding rollers from the coil side of
    the machine and then push the “reset” button. The machine will automatically feed the strap without the need to access the inside of the machine. Easy strap loading.

Auto Strap Ejector – Loop-eject clears unwanted strap automatically if the machine is accidentally activated without a package. Eliminates downtime.

THS-200 Series High-Speed Auto Strapping Machine High-Speed-Strapping-Machine 5-9mm-Pacmasta-THS-200


Pacmasta THS-200 is an innovative, world-class, high-speed automatic strapping machine. It is suitable for 12mm strap. (THS-200-59 for 5-9mm Strapping).

It is equipped with all the industry’s standard features and several creative user-friendly designs. It offers the most optimal performance, highest speed, easiest maintenance and the most cost-effective solution in its class today.


OR-2000 Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrap Machine


  • Dramatically increase efficiency & profitability through lower film cost per load compared to manual stretch wrapping.
  • Power Pre-Stretch up to 250%.

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UPS-900 Pacmasta Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine Pacmasta Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine UPS-900

The UPS-900 (vertical strapping) inherit all of the advantages from 502 Genesis, such as compact strapping head, direct drive technology with German-made DC motors and electronic tension control.

It can be moved easily beside the load you want to strap; no need to move the pallet. The UPS-900 is quick, ergonomic, and economic solution for low volume vertical strapping.

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PMCS-100 Side Drive Carton Sealing Machine Large-Carton-Sealing-Machine-Pacmasta-PMCS-150

  • The PMCS-100 seals both top and bottom of the carton simultaneously at a fast speed.
  • The box to be sealed is driven by the two side belts through the machine, while rolling dispensers apply the pressure-sensitive tape

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