Importance of preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the regular maintenance of equipment and assets to keep them running and to avoid breakdown costs and unnecessary downtime. Our preventative maintenance program (PMP) includes planning, scheduling, and recording of all services. A common question asked is why do I need a preventative maintenance program? Listed are just some of the advantages of signing a preventative maintenance contract.


Improved safety. A lot of workplace accidents are related to equipment failure due to a lack of consistent maintenance. A preventative maintenance program will not mitigate all workplace accidents, but rather significantly decrease the chance of such accidents.

Increased lifetime of equipment.

Optimize efficiency.

Reduce costs. Constantly maintaining prevents hefty expenses from constant repairs and breakdowns.

Let’s look at an example using a pallet wrapper, an expensive asset that plays a crucial role in the operation of your company on a daily basis. The initial cost varies between $8000 – $20,000, within a year of using the machine, you could have spent thousands in reactive maintenance. A preventative maintenance plan is designed to significantly reduce these costs and increase equipment lifespan.

Identifying what assets require a preventative maintenance program is important, these are the assets that your company uses on a daily basis. A PMP helps a business increase their bottom line, by minimizing downtime, improving efficiency, and reducing breakdowns.

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