Kraft Paper Dispensers

Kraft paper dispensers

Kraft paper dispensers are a handy mailroom tool that keeps your roll of Kraft paper tidy and easy to locate.

If you are a small eCommerce business, you probably use Kraft paper in your shipping supplies. Florists, gift stores and small produce shops all use Kraft paper for filling and wrapping. It is a paper that has been used over time in commercial applications due to its strength.

Benchtop dispensers

We supply benchtop kraft paper dispensers with cutting blades for professional quality packaging and wrapping. You need a dispenser to apportion the right amount of paper for your packing job and we supply the tools to do it. Using a dispenser will save you on materials and keep your kraft paper neatly stored and accessible on the countertop.

Wall-mounted dispensers

We supply wall mounted dispensers with a scrunch mechanism to produce void fill. Brown Kraft paper is made from recycled material and is itself 100% recyclable so is a far more sustainable option than many other void fillers and wrapping material.

Kraft paper and dispensers are an affordable, convenient, and sustainable option for your mailroom. Dispensers are an essential tool to make life easier and handle kraft paper effectively.