Packaging for the Food Industry

Packaging for the Food Industry

The food and beverage industry is the number one user of packaging worldwide with food being the most packaged item on the global market it makes sense for us to supply good quality tools, palletising and strapping consumables to our customers.

The food and beverage industry is the largest domestic manufacturing division. With an annual turnover of around $131 billion. Australia has a reputation for exporting quality meat, grains, fresh produce and processed foods. This is reflected in international exports of $36.1 billion. The industry employs around 247,700 people, accounting for 27% of all manufacturing jobs, and is a growing regional employer.

It is also the fastest growing category in eCommerce with barriers to delivery of perishables overcome by packaging innovations and fast, flexible delivery avenues. People are shopping online from supermarkets and liquor stores more than ever before.

Australia has seen a growth in production of boutique food products, such as cheeses, small goods, microbrewery beverages and health foods from regional producers who sell directly from the farm gate to customers or via eCommerce channels.

Food manufacturers need an efficient production line so that products arrive at the consumer end without spoilage or tampered packaging. We supply heat sealing equipment and hood shrink machines that give that airtight seal for the preservation of perishables.

Since most foodstuffs are shipped in cardboard cartons we recommend our carton sealing machines to speed up your process and increase productivity. Your staff will appreciate losing the repetitive strain caused by the constant use of a handheld tape dispenser. Our carton sealing machines can seal a box both top and bottom simultaneously at speed and be ready for the next carton in seconds.

If you are a small manufacturer and distributor, our tape dispensers, handheld strapping tools and various strapping types make good work on securing the seals to protect against damage during transportation. Larger scale food manufacturers benefit from investing in our strapping machines.

If you are looking for a tamper-proof and more eco-friendly approach to carton sealing we sell BondTape, a Kraft paper and gum-based tape and water-activated tape dispensers.

Our Packaging Solutions for the Food Industry