Semi-Auto Side Action Strapping Machine

Semi-Auto Side Action Strapping Machine Painted Pacmasta TMS-300SAP

This semi-automatic strapping machine works well in dusty, moist and harsh working environments.

The TMS-300SAP is a side-seal, semi-auto strapping machine. The strapping head is mounted on the side of the machine frame to protect it from dust and water which means it is great for dusty, moist, or harsh working environments such as sawmills, brick, and tile plants.


  • This machine is compact and lightweight, enabling easy transportation, and only requires a small space for installation.

Single Motor Operation 

  • A single motor powers the machine. Stable operation is assured even if the voltage drops.

Easy Adjustment

  • Adjustment for use of any strap in a width up to 15.5 mm can be made by slackening off only four screws.

No Strap Damage

  • The feed system, strap tensioning device, and cams are designed to eliminate splitting, bending, and scratching.

Simple Operation

  • The free end of the strap appears on the table which can be placed around this article by hand for strapping.

TMS-300SAP Technical Data

Strap Width Strap Tension Speed/Minute (60Hz) Net Weight Electrical Requirements
6, 9, 12, 15.5 mm adjustable 15 kg to 45 kg 0.55mm-0.75mm 125 kg 110V, 220V, 230V, 50/60Hz 1PH



TMS300SAP Brochure

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