Advanced Stretch Wrapping Machine

Advanced Stretch Wrap Machine Orbitwrap OR-4000

The OR-4000 is a low maintenance, easy to operate Pallet Wrapping Machine. The OR-4000 is equipped with an electromagnetic force to load brake system. These machines have an easy-to-read operating panel with 3 + 1 programs. The OR-4000 can be quoted with a wide range of options, including low-profile turntable, higher wrapping height, scales and many other options.


  • Electromagnetic brake film carriage
  • Variable film carriage and turntable speeds
  • Forklift relocation slots
  • Photocell eye for automatic height detection
  • Automatic and Manual wrapping programs
  • Soft-start and stop turntable drive
  • Heavy-duty industrial chain driven turntable
  • Safety crush prevention device fitted to carriage


  • Larger 1800,2200,2400mm turntable size
  • Higher wrapping height – 2500,2700,3000,3300,3700mm
  • Black Photocell eye to detect black or dark products
  • Mechanical top press for stabilising loads
  • Low profile 26mm turntable


Product Wrap Height Turntable Capacity
OR-4000 2200mm 1650mm 2000kg


OR-4000 Orbitwrap Brochure

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