Recyclable Orbitwrap Save

100% recyclable Orbitwrap Save

Do you need to wrap shipment bundles to protect against weather or cool store conditions? Are you hesitant to use pallet wrap because you are against using plastic?

We have a solution for you. It is called Orbitwrap Save. It is our truly unique blown octene based pre-stretch wrap that can be used on all standard wrapping machines and handheld dispensers.

Orbitwrap Save is a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional plastic wrap. With outstanding puncture resistance and elastic memory, our ultra-thin film will give you twice the wrapping distance than conventional wraps.



  • High-performance pallet wrap that delivers improved results and reliability.
  • High elasticity in this film allows it to be stretched much further than most other wrap material, making it easy to apply by hand or machine.
  • Double the amount on a roll compared to conventional hand or machine films.
  • Uses over 50% less film per pallet and reduces environmental impact.
  • The film does not neck down when stretched so your pallets are wrapped faster.
  • Great puncture strength means sharp edges won’t ruin your wrap.
  • Double thickness reinforced edges make them less sensitive to damage and edge tearing.



  • A more efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional wrap.
  • Offers the same performance as higher gauge films at a significantly lower cost.
  • An extremely good combination of holding force and flexibility.

The best thing about Orbitwrap save is it is 100% recyclable. You can feel better about doing your bit to save the planet from plastic pollution.