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Why Should A Company Invest In A Cardboard Shredder


Why Should A Company Invest In A Cardboard Shredder

Investing in a cardboard shredding machine for your company has several important benefits:

1. Cost-effective waste management: Companies that generate a lot of cardboard waste can save money by shredding it themselves instead of paying for outside recycling services.

2. Environmental sustainability: Shredded cardboard can be recycled more easily than whole boxes, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. This can help your company reduce its environmental footprint.

3. Improved security: A cardboard shredding machine can help you securely dispose of sensitive documents or packaging materials that contain confidential information. This can help protect your company from data breaches or other security risks.

4. Space-saving: Shredded cardboard takes up less space than whole boxes, which can help you free up storage space in your facility.

5. Increased efficiency: A cardboard shredding machine can help you shred materials more quickly and efficiently than doing it by hand. This can help you save time and increase productivity.

Overall, investing in a cardboard shredding machine can have significant benefits for your company, including cost savings, environmental sustainability, improved security, space-saving, and increased efficiency.

Eco-friendly Postage Packaging


With an estimated nearly 300, 000 tonnes of plastic floating around in the ocean and landfills piling ever higher with rubbish we can all opt for eco-friendly postage packaging when we send stuff in the mail.

The rise in eCommerce transactions globally has meant our world is experiencing a surge in postage packaging. It’s our responsibility as eCommerce businesses to find alternatives to plastics in our packaging and allow customers the opportunity to recycle or compost the material we ship our goods in. 

There are plenty of solutions to eco-friendly postage packaging, all of them readily available to purchase online or from your local packaging supply company.


Packaging waste

The days of producing environmentally irresponsible packaging are on their way out. New eco-friendly postage packaging is being designed with an end of life cycle strategy built into their performance and processes. Packaging is at the forefront of innovation as waste is one of the biggest problems facing humanity right now. Alongside new material production is the development of recovery solutions such as composting, recycling and repurposing. Consumers and industry are leading the way in postage and packaging innovation with customers exercising their purchasing choices to influence corporate responsibility in the manufacturing sector. 


Biodegradable postbags

New compostable mailer bags made from corn-starch are available that can be composted in a home composter. They are just as tough, durable and waterproof as plastic mailer bags. To be certified as a bio-plastic product, the material must be sourced from plant-based starches. In Australia, there are certifications: Home Compostable (AS5810) and Commercially Compostable (AS4736). Internationally: Home Compostable (EN13432) and Commercially Compostable (EN13432).

Bioplastic products are certified by The Australasian Bioplastics Association with a seedling logo throughout Australia and New Zealand. This helps customers recognise and verify that your packaging is safe to compost. 


Alternatives to plastic fill and bubble wrap

There are plenty of eco-friendly postage packaging alternatives to plastic bubble wrap and void fill. The cheapest and most common void fill is scrunched paper and chopped recycled cardboard. Your items can sit in a nest of these materials and be safe from shock and damage during transit. 

Corrugated cardboard and die cut Kraft paper that forms a three-dimensional honeycomb cushion around objects in a carton or mailer bag can be used to line cartons and bags, wrap and mould around fragile items. These products are much more aesthetically pleasing than plastic alternatives. 


Air pillows

These days air cushions made from biodegradable and recycled film are available in different sizes. The air cushions can be recycled, reused and composted without leaving any toxic residues. The use of air as cushioning is nothing new in postage packaging, it makes superior shock absorption and cuts out a lot of weight from packages. This, in turn, lowers the carbon emissions clocked up due to transporting of freight.


Ecofriendly carton sealing tape

There are gummed paper tapes to choose from that perform much better than plastic-based tapes when sealing cardboard cartons. The gum is water activated, helping the tape to seal the flaps of a carton by bonding with the corrugated layer. Water-activated tape deters tampering, unlike cellophane tapes which can unstick from the carton when pushed. Even better is that only one strip of tape is needed for a complete seal, eliminating time spent on carton sealing with other types of tapes. Less tape wastage is also a bonus.


These are some of the ecofriendly postage packaging materials used to ship goods all over the world. There is no need to stick to the usual suspects such as bubble wrap, cellophane tapes and Styrofoam packing peanuts. As businesses that use postage in the supply chain, we can make a difference by choosing eco-friendly postage packaging.

Resolve packing issues with water-activated tape


Water Activated Tape Solutions


Issue One: Carton Sealing Productivity

Create opportunities for staff to increase productivity when sealing cartons for shipment. Tape guns can weigh over a kilo and cause fatigue and carpal tunnel in staff hands and arms. After a period of time packing efficiency will diminish and slow down times when this occurs.

Water-activated tape dispensers can be fully electronic with preset tape dispensing lengths which aid in increasing sealing speed. Only one strip is needed for a superior seal. No more time is wasted by over-application of pressure-sensitive tapes. Improve productivity by up to 21% with BondTape gummed paper tape and a Better Pack water-activated benchtop dispenser.

Issue 2: Tamper Evidence

Plastic tapes don’t properly seal your cartons, they just float on the surface. It’s easy to separate the tape from the cardboard flaps with pressure, allowing a hand to slip into your carton and pinch valuable content.  The result is costly to you in two ways, customer disappointment and mistrust in your brand and the replacement cost of the goods.

With BondTape Green gummed paper tape only one strip of tape is needed to seal the top of your carton. The water activation causes the gum to seep into the inner corrugated layer of your carton and bond in a tamper-evident seal. No amount of pressure will separate the tape from the carton and your pack remains secure and looking professional on delivery.


Issue three: Workplace Safety

Prolonged use of handheld tape guns can cause fatigue, repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel. This can lead to staff requiring sick leave, costly replacement staff hire, workers compensation and medical expenses.

With Better Pack benchtop water-activated tape dispensers, the awkward handling and weight of tape guns is eliminated. You can choose from manual to fully electronic dispensers for gummed paper tape, depending on the size of your packing operation. The fully electronic Better Packages 555 is for the fast-paced shipping environment and is full endorsed by the independent safety certification company, Underwriters Laboratory. You can preset the length of tape required for the job and the machine will dispense and cut for you.

Best of all only one length of tape is needed to seal your carton.


Issue Four: Waste

Plastic tapes have limits when it comes to packing goods for shipment. Because it is not tamper-proof packers tend to apply several layers of tape for security. Tamper evidence can still be hard to spot. Using up multiple strips of plastic tape is wasteful and costly and makes your carton unattractive and messy looking.

Not only is it a waste of money and materials, the time that is taken to add extra layers of tape is time wasted your staff could be doing other tasks.

By using water-activated gummed paper tape, you will be saving time and money. Only one strip of tape is needed for a tamper-evident seal, and a Better Packages gummed paper tape dispenser takes only seconds to produce a strip of tape.

Because gummed tape becomes part of the carton, it is much easier to recycle the whole container, with no separation of tapes and cardboard needed. Again saving time and reducing waste.


Issue Five: The Elements

Shipping environments can be dusty, humid, cold or hot. They must endure handling, rough treatment, stacking weight, loading and unloading. You need a tape that will stand up to all conditions for the safety of your goods and meet customer satisfaction.

Plastic tapes are known to be weaker than water activated gummed paper tapes. This is because they float on the surface of a cardboard carton and can separate off when pressure is applied. If the carton becomes dusty or slightly damp the plastic tapes are likely to lift off the carton. They will then be unable to be stuck back down.

Water-activated gummed paper tape such as BondTape binds to the inner corrugated layer of the carton and becomes one with the material. No amount of dust or atmospheric conditions will break the paper tape seal. If a thief tries to tamper with the carton it will be evident as the water-activated paper tape holds firm.


What are Edge Protectors?


Cardboard edge protectors are essential for preventing potential surface damage and strapping cuts to pallet loads, bundles and cartons. They can also be used to stabilise stretch wrapped freight. Damage during transport and storage can cost manufacturing and logistics companies a significant financial loss.

By including edge and corner protection to freight packaging, companies will save money and reduce product losses. Freight will arrive intact boosting brand reputation and customer satisfaction. For adequate protection against moisture Edge Protectors are water resistant and can effectively withstand tension from pallet straps, protecting pallets edges.

Cardboard edge protectors secure the pallet load but they also provide stacking strength for multiple pallets, saving on storage space in transportation vehicles and warehousing. Placing cardboard edge protection on the inside edges of a carton will improve rigidity and reduce crushing during transport and stacking.

To save on wastage the Dura-Grip Edge Board Cutter allows for custom lengths to be cut to suit the load. Not all packaged freight has uniform edging. The cutter also saves on wastage, is quick and safe to use, eliminating workplace injury and saving time.

Dura-Grip Plastic Edge Protectors are designed to prevent strapping from cutting into cartons, pallets and bundles and damaging freight. They are also often used on packs of timber to prevent damage by the Strapping.

Plastic Corner Protectors have ridges to hold up to 22mm strapping in place – which helps secure goods during transit.

See our range of Edge Protectors below: