Tips on Packaging for eCommerce

Packaging tips for eCommerce

Packing for eCommerce is big business. The rise of customers shopping online is phenomenal. With millions of packages sent through the mail or by freight each day, it is important to get your packaging right from the start. Part of the experience of shopping online is the anticipation of a package that excites our senses and is a pleasure to open.

eCommerce packages can arrive from around the world, travelling long distances to get to our post boxes. The right kind of packaging is tough and able to handle long postage times, is aesthetic and provides brand messaging, is secure but not too hard to open (there is an actual thing called “Wrap Rage”) and environmentally friendly. Adding to the complexity is the need for packaging to be lightweight and affordable to send.

Use our packing tips for eCommerce to get your packaging right from the start.

Tip #1 – Right packaging for the product

You may be a retailer of bargain goods, appealing to the discount hunter. Your packaging may only need to use value for money materials to keep shipping costs down. Or you may sell quality products for the discerning online shopper. Your eCommerce packaging would reflect the expense with some branding perhaps and good quality packaging. This is an opportunity to use packaging to delight your customers if the items you sell warrant the extra effort and expense.

Tip #2 –  Right size packaging

To save on costs packaging needs to be the right size for the objects they encase. Extra packaging adds to the freight costs and too little will result in damage, attract bad reviews and generate costly returns and refunds.


Tip #3 – Environmental packing for eCommerce

Too much packaging and fillers do not impress the environmentally-conscious consumer. Avoid plastic-based tapes on your cartons by choosing natural gummed paper tapes such as BondTape that are much more effective. Try natural Kraft paper wrappings and filler. There are new types of plastic-free bubble wrap made from die-cut Kraft paper that doesn’t need tape to secure the wrap. Biodegradeable post bags are now available and some of them are made from plant cellulose which means your customers can dispose of them in the home composter.

If you have a lot of cardboard waste in your business, you can now obtain a shredder that will shred and crimp your excess cardboard into eco-packaging carton fillers and wraps.

Packaging that can be recycled boosts your business green credentials.

Tip #4 – Speed up your packaging processes

To speed up your packaging invest in good quality tape dispensers that are ergonomically designed. The last thing you want is to develop repetitive strain injury after a long packing session. Choose packaging that is easy and quick to assemble. Flat packed boxes take up little storage space in the warehouse and if they have crash lock bases they take little time to assemble.  If your production line is increasing you may want to invest in a carton sealing machine for more efficiency and to speed up the process.

Tip # 5 – Returnable packaging

Make it easy for your customers to return items by providing reversible packaging or adding an extra seal for cartons. Providing a return address label with prepaid postage will encourage an attempt to return faulty items before giving a bad review. It will also encourage customers to have faith that future purchasing from your business will be a positive experience and that you care about customer satisfaction.

Tip #6 – Branded packaging

Some companies like to build brand awareness by adding their logo and colours to packages and tapes. It gives a good impression and can circumvent the blandness of ordinary packaging. The downside to branded packaging is that it’s more expensive, it takes more time to produce and it can encourage theft. Exterior branding on packaging can alert handlers to the contents. This would create too much risk if you are shipping valuable and appealing goods. One way of getting around this is to print the branding on the inside of the packaging or add leaflets, stickers and logos into the package.

Tip #7 – Tamper proofing

These days you can buy bulk lots of tamper-proof packaging, the most common is poly courier bags. They are strong, white and if tampered with, it becomes evident. If you have cartons to ship, then gummed paper tapes are the most effective tamper-proofing. The gummed paper bonds with the corrugated inner layer of the carton, creating a super seal that stops hands slipping in to help themselves.

Tip #8 – Tune in to eCommerce success

Packaging for eCommerce requires insight into shopper behaviour and their desires coupled with the practicalities of shipping conditions. Choosing easy to pack solutions and understanding the customer unboxing experience will enhance your efficiency and chalk up more points towards brand loyalty.

eCommerce packaging is a marketing opportunity, embodying branding and delivering a positive shopping experience to your customers.

If you can improve your profit margin by getting your eCommerce packaging right and improving your supply chain processes, you are on the road to success in the online shopping universe.