What are Edge Protectors?

Cardboard edge protectors are essential for preventing potential surface damage and strapping cuts to pallet loads, bundles and cartons. They can also be used to stabilise stretch wrapped freight. Damage during transport and storage can cost manufacturing and logistics companies a significant financial loss.

By including edge and corner protection to freight packaging, companies will save money and reduce product losses. Freight will arrive intact boosting brand reputation and customer satisfaction. For adequate protection against moisture Edge Protectors are water resistant and can effectively withstand tension from pallet straps, protecting pallets edges.

Cardboard edge protectors secure the pallet load but they also provide stacking strength for multiple pallets, saving on storage space in transportation vehicles and warehousing. Placing cardboard edge protection on the inside edges of a carton will improve rigidity and reduce crushing during transport and stacking.

To save on wastage the Dura-Grip Edge Board Cutter allows for custom lengths to be cut to suit the load. Not all packaged freight has uniform edging. The cutter also saves on wastage, is quick and safe to use, eliminating workplace injury and saving time.

Dura-Grip Plastic Edge Protectors are designed to prevent strapping from cutting into cartons, pallets and bundles and damaging freight. They are also often used on packs of timber to prevent damage by the Strapping.

Plastic Corner Protectors have ridges to hold up to 22mm strapping in place – which helps secure goods during transit.

See our range of Edge Protectors below: