What’s the difference between semi and fully automated stretch wrapping machines?

Semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines are used in low volume production lines covering around 30 pallets per hour. A forklift or pallet jack loads the pallet onto the wrapping machine’s platform and an operator attaches the film and presses the start button. At the end of the wrapping cycle, the operator detaches and secures the film tail to the load.

Automatic stretch wrapping machines do not require an operator, except to load the film. Once the pallet is on the platform, the machine starts the wrapping cycle automatically. A sensing photo-eye tells the film carriage how high to wrap. At the end of the wrap cycle, the film tail is automatically cut and sealed to the load. If the pallet is on a conveyor it is then conveyed off the wrapping platform and the machine is ready for the next pallet. Without a conveyor, the pallets are loaded and unloaded by lift truck or forklift. An automatic machine can wrap from 30 to 120 loads per hour.