Packaging FAQs

Packaging FAQs

Packline Solutions is committed to helping your business improve its processes to become more efficient and reduce its carbon footprint. We have been in the packaging supply industry for over a decade, offering quality consumables and built to last machinery and tools. Our experts in packing and distribution supplies keep up with the latest developments so they can bring you the best solutions for your industry operations.

Do you have a question we can answer below? If you can’t find the answer, our packaging and machine experts are ready to take your call and provide the help you need.

General questions

Are your prices inclusive of GST?

Do you offer maintenance and repairs on equipment?

How do I contact Packline?

How do I find a packaging product I am looking for?

What is a purchase order?

What is your preferred payment method?

What is your return and cancellation policy?

What type of warranty do you provide?

When can I expect delivery?

Water activated tapes and dispensers

Are water-activated tape dispensers expensive?

Can I seal my carton with eco-friendly tape?

Can my water-activated tape dispenser be repaired, or can I get replacement parts?

Do I need a manual or an electronic gummed paper tape dispenser?

How do I use water activated tape to seal my carton?

How do I use water activated tape?

How does BondTape work?

Is BondTape tamper evident?

Is it more productive to used gummed paper tape than pressure sensitive tapes?

Is water activated tape environmentally friendly tape?

What is gummed paper tape used for?

What is gummed paper tape?

What is pressure-sensitive tape?

What type of industries use water activated tape?

Which is the most cost-effective tape?

Strapping solutions

Can I replace steel strapping with another type?

Can most strapping use a hand-held tensioner?

Can strapping be recycled?

Do I need safety gear when using steel strapping?

How do I apply strapping?

How do I know whether I need a strapping machine?

How do I tension and seal strap?

If my pallets are wrapped, do I need to strap them as well?

Is PET strapping weather proof?

Is strapping re-usable?

Steel strapping is dangerous, can I replace it?

What applications are edge protectors used for?

What are the benefits of using steel strapping?

What is break strength?

What is embossed strapping?

What is strapping joint efficiency?

What is the strapping with the highest break load?

What strapping is available for my industry?

What’s the difference between PP and PET Strapping

What’s the difference between PET (polyester) and PP (polypropylene) strapping?

Which seals go with PP strapping?

Which seals go with steel strapping?

Which strapping is the best for my application?

Stretch film

Can I wrap a pallet with a hand-held dispenser?

How are stretch wraps applied?

How do I chose the right stretch wrapping machine for my business?

How many loads per day justifies upgrading to a pallet wrapping machine?

Is hand wrapping cheaper than machine wrapping?

Is it better to use thick stretch film?

Is there a difference between pre-stretch hand film and pre-stretch machine film?

What does load containment mean?

What is a semi-automatic stretch wrapper?

What is an automatic stretch wrapping machine?

What is film memory?

What is the difference between blown pallet wrap and cast pallet wrap?

What type of pallet wrapping machines are there?

What’s the difference between shrink wrap and pallet wrap?

Why are stretch films used?

Kraft paper

Can I use Kraft paper on my pallets?

Does Kraft paper come in different thicknesses and texture?

Is Kraft paper a good void fill?

Is Kraft paper biodegradable?

Is Kraft paper environmentally friendly?

Is Kraft paper recyclable?

What industries use Kraft paper?

What is Kraft paper used for?

What is Kraft paper?

What type of wood is used to make Kraft paper?

Why is Kraft paper better than regular paper for packaging purposes?

Why is Kraft paper good for packaging?

Heat sealing solutions

Are heat sealers safe?

Can I buy replacement parts for my heat sealer?

Can I plug a heat sealer into a standard household electrical outlet?

Do heat sealers use a lot of power?

How does an impulse heat sealer work?

How long does it take an impulse heat sealer to create a seal?

How long does it take to heat seal a bag?

How strong is the seal from an impulse heat sealer?

Should I use a hand sealer or a foot sealer?

What are moisture barrier bags made of?

What are moisture barrier bags?

What is a barrier bag?

What is a heat sealer?

What materials can I seal with a heat sealer?

What size heat sealer will I need?

What types of heat sealers are available?

Why don’t polyethylene and polypropylene bags stay vacuum sealed long-term?

Why should I vacuum seal my product?

Strapping machines

Do strapping machines need to be serviced?

What is the best strapping machine for my operations?

What’s the difference between a strapping tool and a strapping machine?

Pallet wrapping machines

Do I need a Mobile Pre-Stretch Wrapper?

How are stretch wraps applied?

How many loads per day would justify investing in a stretch wrapping machine?

Is hand wrapping cheaper than machine wrapping?

What are the different types of stretch wrapping machines?

What is a semi-automatic stretch wrapper?

What is an automatic stretch wrapping machine?

What is pre-stretch film and why is it so important?

What’s the difference between semi and fully automated stretch wrapping machines?

What’s the difference between turntable and rotary tower pallet wrap machines?