Carton Sealing

Secure carton sealing is necessary to ensure that your products reach their destination intact. Our carton sealing solutions will meet the requirements to withstand short and long-distance travel by rail, truck or ship. We have developed our current stock of carton sealing machines, tools and consumables to meet every requirement for secure carton sealing.

We provide a wide assortment of carton sealing solutions to make your packaging efficient and reliable.

We have designed Pacmasta Carton Sealing Machines for closing uniform cartons and can be calibrated to your specifications. Our machines can seal both top and bottom of the carton simultaneously at a fast speed, ready for the next box in seconds.

The tape dispensers in our range are strong and built to last. Dispensers can be hand-held or benchtop devices and we also supply bag neck tapers.

Our reinforced gummed paper tape, called Bond Tape is our most eco-friendly carton sealing taping method. Made from a natural Kraft paper carrier and starch adhesive, it is 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. It’s an absolute must for sealing high-cost products in boxes as it is tamper-evident, unlike pressure-sensitive tapes.

We stock a range of water-activated tape dispensers to make the application of BondTape more efficient.

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Better Packages 555eSA Electronic Tape Dispenser

The Better Packages 555eSA electronic tape dispenser is made for a fast-paced shipping environment. It has a sealing capacity of 100 cartons per 8-hour shift.


  • Thermal Cutoff prevents the motor from overheating after extensive use
  • Safety Interlock Switch disables the cutting blade when the front cover is open
  • Material Choice Flame-retardant plastic, steel side frames, high-grade solenoid link and zinc-plated stainless steel parts

Sustainable Packaging for a Better Future

Is your business looking for new ways to reduce waste for environmental reasons and cost savings? Combining efficient systems and sustainable packaging saves your business time and money while creating a point of difference with your competitors.

Sustainable Packaging

Our eco-sustainable packaging is designed to help reduce your environmental impact. By reducing the amount of waste you send off-site, not only are you saving the planet but also your bottom line.

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We work with you to make sure your clients get the best service possible. And if you aren’t happy with our product and services, we will move mountains to make you smile. That’s our customer satisfaction promise!

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We know that fast turn around makes your customers happy. That's why we are committed to world-class customer service. Any stock orders placed before 2 PM will be dispatched the same day! Need we say more?

Unrivaled Products

True to our name, we offer an extensive range of the highest quality packaging products for many different industries, including Pallet Wrapping Machinery, Heat Sealing Equipment and all the consumables you need for your packaging business.

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