Stretch Wrapping Solutions

Packline supplies a range of stretch wrapping solutions to secure your pallet loads and bundles. Stretch wrapping is the most widely used method to secure a pallet load for shipping. Our pallet wrap is strong enough to be stretched 50% more, is puncture and tear-resistant and keeps the pallet load safe and intact during transit.

We supply Orbitwrap Save which uses the latest in plastic extrusion technology. The result is a more efficient product with less waste that is 100% recyclable.

We supply semi-automatic and fully automated stretch wrapping solutions and hand-held wrapping tools. Our range of stretch wrap machines get more wraps out of a roll of film than a handheld dispenser. They also use around half the amount of film which is more cost-effective, better for the environment and saves worker fatigue and injury.

A manual dispenser has a roll of stretch wrap mounted on the tool plus hand grips. The pallet is wrapped by walking around the pallet, keeping the film stretched during the application. They are an affordable option for low output production lines.

Our turn-table wrapping machines wrap a pallet by applying the film from bottom to top and back again as the turntable spins. These machines are a good choice for companies with a high production rate. They provide savings in wrap wastage and labour intensity.

The OR-600MW mobile wrapper is our portable unit that offers the same wrapping capabilities as a traditional turntable. It is capable of wrapping any type of product, shape or size. It’s an excellent solution for demanding warehouse applications.

Stretch Wrapping Solutions FAQ

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Woven & Composite Strap Tensioner Pacmasta ZP-CT32A

The ultimate eco-friendly case taping method. Made from natural kraft paper carrier and starch adhesive it’s 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable without having to be segregated from cardboard. Best used with the range of Better Packages tape dispensers.

Sustainable Packaging for a Better Future

Is your business looking for new ways to reduce waste for environmental reasons and cost savings? Combining efficient systems and sustainable packaging saves your business time and money while creating a point of difference with your competitors.

Sustainable Packaging

Our eco-sustainable packaging is designed to help reduce your environmental impact. By reducing the amount of waste you send off-site, not only are you saving the planet but also your bottom line.

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True to our name, we offer an extensive range of the highest quality packaging products for many different industries, including Pallet Wrapping Machinery, Heat Sealing Equipment and all the consumables you need for your packaging business.

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