Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap Alternative

Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap Alternative

Environmentally friendly cushioning and void fill

Innovations in eco-friendly packaging materials have produced a paper alternative to bubble wrap and foam packing peanuts. The new material is not new but repurposed Kraft paper which performs just as well at cushioning as bubble wrap and it can be recycled into household waste streams or it biodegrades in the home composter. Another win for the environment is that this paper product is often made from recycled paper pulp and manufactured using SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) standards.

The paper alternative

The product is die-cut Kraft paper that comes flat in rolls but when extended out from the roll and wrapped around objects it expands into a three-dimensional hexagonal mesh. The air pockets trapped in the mesh provide exceptional cushioning and the hexagonal papercuts interlock with each other, eliminating the need for tape to seal the wrapping material. This interlocking property stops the material from unravelling and absorbs shock during the transport of your goods. Not only is it perfect at moulding around fragile objects and protecting them during transit, but it can also be used to line cartons and mailbags or make a nest for objects to sit in.


Easy storage

This sustainable bubble wrap alternative comes in compact rolls and takes up to 80% less space to store in the mailroom. Depending on which brand you buy it either comes in a neat dispenser box or you can buy a benchtop roll dispenser.

More efficient

There is no requirement to use a box cutter or scissors to get the desired length. When a product is wrapped sufficiently the wrapping material is easy to tear from the roll. With less folding and taping needed you and your staff will be able to pack at a higher speed and complete the task more efficiently. You will need less space in a carton so you can reduce your costs by shipping in smaller boxes and satchels.

Reduce waste

This wonderful innovation in eco-friendly packaging is set to help reduce plastic packaging materials going to landfill and escaping into the environment. You will no longer need to store messy packing peanuts or bulky plastic bubble wrap and your valuable storage space will be freed up.

Not only will your wrapped goods have a better aesthetic presentation your customers will also be grateful they can be part of the eco-friendly packaging solution. Customers will display brand loyalty to you and your products.

EcoShred Packaging Shredder

Packline Eco has a great machine for eCommerce businesses that use a lot of packing and wrapping material for the protection of goods during freight. It’s called the EcoShred Packaging Shredder. This quiet and efficient machine will turn all your scrap cardboard into three different types of perforated padding and save you the purchase and freight costs of importing padding and wraps to your mailroom. You will also reduce your waste bill by recycling your cardboard.