FAQ Category: Kraft paper

Can I use Kraft paper on my pallets?

You can use Kraft paper as an anti-slip layer between the layers of products on your pallet. Kraft paper board can also be used on the base layer of your pallet to stop it from slipping during transit.

Is Kraft paper environmentally friendly?

Apart from being 100% biodegradable and recyclable, the chemicals used in the Kraft paper pulping process are recovered and reused. By-products such as turpentine and tall oil are used in other applications.

Why is Kraft paper better than regular paper?

Kraft paper is stronger than regular paper due to its lignin sulphur ratio. It also doesn’t go through a bleaching process which decreases its strength and reduces its elasticity.

Is Kraft paper a good void fill?

Kraft paper is an affordable and superior void fill. Scrunched paper is used to form a nest inside boxes for fragile objects as it doesn’t move or settle during vigorous motion while in transit. It is much tidier than using packing peanuts and it is environmentally friendly.

What industries use Kraft paper?

Kraft paper is used in many industries like the cut flower market, postal services, freight companies, eCommerce, the manufacture of boxes and envelopes, the grocery industry and food manufacturing.