FAQ: Stretch film

How many loads per day justifies upgrading to a pallet wrapping machine?

Investing in a stretch wrapping machine is an investment in growing your output and improving staff OH&S. Wrapping 10 loads or more per day justifies the use of a pallet wrap machine. You will get a faster, more secure wrap with less material, saving on waste, time and money. Your staff will be freed up to do other tasks and also avoid fatigue and workplace injury. Your pallet loads will arrive at their destination intact without expensive losses.

What is film memory?

Prestretch film has an elasticity called film memory. When the prestretch film is applied with tension it wants to shrink back to its original state. The combination of elasticity and film memory is what keeps a pallet load tight and secure during movement.

How are stretch wraps applied?

Stretch wrap can be applied with a hand-held dispenser or by a stretch wrap machine. Wrapping machines have a turntable that spins the pallet while the roller dispenses the wrap onto the pallet. Machines have the ability to stretch the film to preset parameters to accomplish consistent tension and overlapping. Hand dispensers require an operator to bend and walk around the pallet while the film unravels from the dispenser.

What is an automatic stretch wrapping machine?

An automatic stretch wrap machine does not require an operator to start and finish the wrapping process. The machine wraps according to preset specifications, cuts the film at the end of the wrapping process and secures the end of the film to the load.

What is a semi-automatic stretch wrapper?

A semi-automatic stretch wrapper machine applies pallet wrap with the input of an operator. The operator attaches the film to the load and presses the start button to begin the wrapping process. On conclusion of the wrap, the operator stops the machine and cuts and secures the end of the film. A semi-automatic stretch wrapper is an upgrade from hand wrapping and provides a uniform layer and maximises the stretch capacity of the film.

What does load containment mean?

Load containment is the capacity of the pallet wrap to hold the pallet tight and uniform during transit. The elements that make up the load containment capacity takes into consideration the right wrap for the job, wrap configuration and overlaps, optimum stretch, all elasticity is used, the conditions of transport, handling, distance and correct wrap tension.