Our new Better Packages Water Activated Tape Dispenser is Out Now!

Packline is excited to introduce the new BP-222 water-activated tape dispenser. The BP-222 is packed with features and is the perfect addition for any small business, home office, retailers or low volume shipping environments.

The new lightweight, streamlined and portable design enables this dispenser to be used anywhere in the working environment. Paired with our fully recyclable reinforced gummed paper tape, this machine is our most environmentally friendly product. The BP-222 is the new eco-solution.

With no cords or batteries, it is a versatile addition to any industry. Water-activated tape is fast becoming the preferred method of carton sealing and is the ideal asset for your mailroom.


  • Easy push tape dispensing
  • The tank holds up to one cup (227ml) of water to activate 114 meters
  • Simple to operate
  • Portable, does not require electricity
  • Push lever releases 25.4cm of tape, repeat push lever action for longer lengths of tape
  • Refillable and spill-resistant
  • Perfect addition for any industry
  • Cords, electricity, and battery-free
  • Environmentally friendly carton sealing
  • Better pack water brushes provide consistent, uniform tap wetting

Want to find out more about our range of water-activated tape, visit our product pages or call us today on 1300 66 11 61