Packaging for Timber and Building Industries

Packaging for the Timber and Building Industries

The timber and building industries are the biggest users of domestic freight in this country. Construction materials are in high demand thanks to the expansion of outer metropolitan areas and rural towns. Building sites require all manner of materials to be shipped to them, such as pallets of bricks, insulation, concrete panels, bundles of wood, roofing, steel, cement and glass.

Domestic construction sites are the biggest user of structural and finished wood products. The most commonly used timber in Australia is radiata pine for house frames. Other common uses for timber in the building industry are wood-based panels, window and door frames and flooring. Each one needs a different packaging solution to keep them intact during transport. It is important to transport and store on-site in a fashion that protects timber from the elements. Wood with more than 15% moisture content will shrink and distort and is unsuitable for construction.

The building supply industry employs the use of pallet wrap and strapping to bundle and unitise timber for delivery to the building site or to hardware supply stores. It’s not only building materials that need protection during transport and storage, cabinetry and fixings will have protective wrapping and edge board protection.

Our renowned equipment and consumables are designed to work perfectly with building frames, timber packs (both hardwood and softwood) panelling and other building products.

We supply consumables that withstand the harsh conditions of transport and outside storage such as PET strapping. PET strapping is stronger than other plastic strapping, its elongation and recovery characteristics cause it to retain high tension. It absorbs impacts without breaking, is weatherproof, chemical resistant and won’t damage your products. We also supply the seals necessary to lock in the tension of your PET strapping.

To apply the PET strapping effectively we have a number of heavy-duty hand tools that will do the job, from combination tools, tensioners and sealers to suit each strapping size. Our battery-operated strapping tool is the fastest way to apply high tension strapping to bundles of timber and other building supplies.

To top it off we have portable PET dispensers that will streamline your strapping application and save on time and waste, keeping your reels of strapping in place and tangle free.

Packaging Solutions for the Timber and Building Trade