Packaging for Warehousing and Logistics Industries

Packaging for the Warehousing and Logistics Industries

According to market research, our domestic warehousing and logistics industries will be worth $187 billion by 2021. This is due to efficiencies in the supply chain through digitisation, expansion of the manufacturing and retail sector and increased value of imports and exports. The foreign demand for Australian agricultural products has led to a growth in cold chain logistics. The Australian Government is investing $145 billion nationally over a 10-year period to improve transport infrastructure to help drive the industry forward.

A warehousing and logistics industry business is an important cog in the manufacturing supply chain. A logistics company is concerned with the complexities of transporting consignments from origin to destination, by road, rail, air or sea. Keeping up to date inventories and tracking information of goods within the logistical processes would include planning efficient shipping and appropriate storage. Essentially as a warehousing and logistics company, you would be managing the movement and storage of a consignment. Some logistics companies that work with international freight offer Customs clearance services.

The development of artificial intelligence has streamlined and significantly enhanced efficiency levels and the exponential rise in eCommerce will drive future growth for this industry. Customer demand for low to no cost shipping is also driving efficiencies, standardisation and automation in the sector. Also warehouse management IT can integrate seamlessly into third-party retail channels, shopping carts and market places making it easy for the client and logistics provider to collaborate.

Packline has been supplying pallet wrapping, hand tools, strapping, strapping machines and pallet wrapping machines to assist in the safe transport and storage of packaged goods across the country. It doesn’t matter what the challenge is, we have the tools and equipment to carry out the best solution for your logistical and storage needs.

Our Orbitwrap Save pallet stretch film is by far the most efficient and economical material for securing your loads and we offer stand-alone or mobile pallet wrapping machines to get the job done quickly.

We have polypropylene strap that can be applied with one of our suitable handheld tensioners and seals. For the fast-paced warehouse floor, a strapping machine may be your solution. We supply consumables such as edge board protectors and plastic edge protectors to integrate with your wrapping system for the protection of your pallet loads during storage and transport.

To hold carton fillers such as Kraft paper and bubble wrap neatly, we provide benchtop or wall-mounted dispensers. Our doculopes and courier bags are supplied in bulk for eCommerce operations.

Wrapping solutions for cartons and small packages include tape dispensers, from benchtop dispensers to handheld tape guns.

Gummed paper tape, BondTape is an innovative and environmentally friendly product that provides a superior tamper-proof seal, while being 100% recyclable. We have a range of water-activated tape dispensers, from manual to fully electronic.

Our recommended Packaging Solutions for Warehousing and Logistics companies