Should I Crimp a Heat Seal?

Stand up pouches and poly-tubing bags are a packaging innovation appearing more on supermarket shelves, at markets and used by small business e-Commerce. They have become popular due to some great properties such as their ability to stand up on shelving without extra display and they keep their contents fresh and moisture-free. They are a brilliant alternative to space-consuming cartons and glass bottles and jars, cheaper to manufacture and ship plus they use fewer resources to manufacture. It is easy and cost-effective to label and brand, even for the small manufacturer.

Heat sealing

Heat sealers are used to seal laminated layers of materials of which contains some thermoplastics. Poly tubing, gusset bags and stand-up pouches can be made from foils, cellophane and coated papers, and the thermoplastic layer melting point welds the opening end together to form a closed seal.


A crimped seal is a textured pattern seal, made by a heat sealer with crimping accessories. Crimping the seal improves the strength of the packet, helps to avoid delamination and adds tamper-evident security to your packaging. Crimping also gives a professional appearance to pouches and bags.

What type of heat sealer do I need?

The size and type of heat sealer you need depends on the thickness and type of the packaging material, the size of your pouches or bags, type of content and how many seals you need to achieve per minute i.e., the volume of your production line. The thicker your material is the higher the heat and longer time needed in the heat clamps seal it efficiently.

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