The Benefits of Pre-stretch Pallet Wrap

The Benefits of Pre-stretch Pallet Wrap

Pre-stretch film features

Pre-stretch pallet wrap comes in rolls of plastic film that has been pre-stretched with some remaining elasticity, allowing it to be stretched to its limit when applied by hand or machine. This allows the stretch film to deliver a tighter wrap with higher wrap performance and reliable holding force on the goods during transit. Pre-stretch film performs better for hand wrapping applications and requires less energy during application by workers to complete a sufficient wrap. This helps avoid fatigue and workplace injury.

As a result of pre-stretching, the rolls of film are lighter with double the amount of film per roll giving much more film length than conventional pallet wraps. Around 50% of film is needed therefore less environmental waste is produced to get a good result.


Load stability

There are many benefits of pre-stretch film, but the most important benefit is increased load stability during transport. Pre-stretch film is stronger and has a higher holding force than conventional non-stretch wraps. It is able to withstand multiple loading and unloading situations without the shifting of goods and maintains its holding force in many different freight scenarios.


Pre-stretch film uses 50% less film than conventional wraps so materials reduction equals cost savings. You can expect a cost saving of up to 40% by switching to pre-stretch film. Also, the reduction in material use is better for the environment as there is less waste to dispose of.

Film memory

Pre-stretch film memory ensures that when it is applied to a load it shrinks and tightens after application, giving it an efficient holding force. This is the main reason why film is pre-stretched. Once the film is unrolled and wrapped the energy contained in the stretched wrap shrinks back into itself, tightening its grip on the wrapped object which increases the load tension.

Necking down is eliminated

Pre-stretch film does not neck down during the wrapping process which saves wrapping time and material. When conventional films neck down they narrow when stretched out. It has been described as similar to stretching out bubble gum. When film necks down more film coverage is required to complete a wrap job. Necking down also requires increased revolutions of wrap to cover a load. Adding the two together there is more cost in materials and time lost when using conventional non-pre-stretched wraps.

Easier hand application

If you haven’t upgraded to a pre-stretch pallet wrapping machine as yet you will inevitably be applying your wrap by hand. Conventional wrap needs to be stretched up to 100-150% to get the required holding force, which is impossible to achieve if you are relying on hand application. Pre-stretch film is easier for hand application as the rolls are less than half the weight of non-pre-stretch wraps and requires less physical strength to get consistency and the required tension for holding force.

Material strength

Pre-stretch film has rolled edges which helps to avoid damage to the rolls when mishandled and dropped. It is also puncture and tear-resistant. It will wrap around edges without damage to the stretched film and will be able to withstand the conditions of transportation, delivering goods to their destination intact. This saves on losses and returned goods, which end up being valuable cost savings. Pre-stretch film also handles various environmental conditions including humidity and extremes in temperature.

Load stability

Pre-stretched film has superior cling that allows a film tail to stick to itself, avoiding flapping around and slowly unravelling. When this film is used on irregular loads it is a stabilising factor that holds everything together so it can be shipped in one piece arriving intact at its destination.

Orbitwrap Save

Packline supplies an innovative blown octene based pre-stretched wrap Orbitwrap Save. This product will revolutionise your pallet wrapping with its high remaining elasticity that stretches further than other stretch wraps whether applied mechanically or by hand. You get that extra length and cost savings by using it over conventional pallet wrap, saving over 50% of film used per load.

By incorporating Orbitwrap Save into your pallet wrapping application you get a high-performance wrap that is puncture resistant, high in elasticity and does not neck down. This instantly reduces the number of revolutions needed to wrap a pallet. The result is far less wrap is needed and less time is taken to complete a wrap.