Introducing the UPS-900 Pacmasta Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine

We have a new Pallet Strapping Machine. Check it out!

A quick, ergonomic, and economical solution for low volume vertical strapping.


Pacmasta UPS-900

Compact mechanical strapping head

  • With 30% less moving parts than conventional machines substantially reduces maintenance issues. There are no belts, chains, or pulleys.
  • Extremely low noise sealing head.

Electronic tension control

  • Strap tension can be adjusted accurately by a simple turn of the dial on the control panel.
  • Tension force up to 700 N (70kg)


It’s lightweight, compact and really easy to move around the factory floor. Just wheel it up to the pallet you want to strap. Straps pallets as low as 380mm!  This machine is suitable for pallets with any type of uniform loads.


Have a look at our product page for more information or contact us today to order one of these amazing machines.