Packaging Industries We Work With

Packaging Industries we work with

The demand for good quality packaging is increasing every day. Population growth and consumption worldwide has led to a steady rise in packing, storage, shipping and eCommerce. It is estimated to almost double by 2023. The packaging market was worth US$876 billion in 2018 and is estimated to reach US$980 billion in 2022 and $1,000 billion in 2023, based on the annual growth of 2.9%.

The packaging industries we work with range from small business operations to large companies. We specialise in the supply of packing products, handheld tools, strapping and high end automated machines. Industries such as construction, building, agriculture, food and beverage, logistics and warehousing rely on our products and equipment to get the job done. We can cover most industries where shipment and storage is part of their supply chain.

Packaging in the food and beverage industry

The food and beverage industry is the number one user of packaging worldwide. With food and beverage being the most packaged item on the global market it makes sense for us to supply good quality tools to our customers.

Food manufacturers need an efficient production line so that products arrive to the consumer without spoilage or tampered packaging. We supply heat sealing equipment and hood shrink machines that give that airtight seal. If the products are shipped in cartons, our tape dispensers, handheld strapping tools and various strapping types make good work on securing the seals to protect against damage during transportation. Larger scale food manufacturers benefit from investing in our strapping machines. Our strapping machines are all made of stainless steel so they can be kept hygienic and be used in cool rooms and freezers.

Since most foodstuffs are shipped in cardboard cartons we recommend our carton sealing machines that will speed up your process and increase productivity. Your staff will appreciate eliminating the risk of repetitive strain causing handheld tape dispensers. We have carton sealing machines that can seal a box both top and bottom simultaneously at speed and be ready for the next carton in seconds.

If you are looking for a tamper-proof and more eco-friendly approach to carton sealing we sell BondTape, a Kraft paper and gum-based tape and water-activated tape dispensers.

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Packaging in the timber and building industry

The building supply industry employs the use of pallet wrap and strapping to bundle and unitise timber for delivery to the building site or to hardware supply stores. We supply consumables that withstand the harsh conditions of transport and outside storage such as PT strapping. PT strapping is stronger than other plastic strapping, its elongation and recovery characteristics cause it to retain high tension. It absorbs impacts without breaking, is weatherproof, chemical resistant and won’t damage your products. We also supply the seals necessary to lock in the tension of your PT strapping.

To apply the PT strapping effectively we have a number of heavy-duty hand tools that will do the job, from combination tools, tensioners and sealers to suit each strapping size. Our battery-operated strapping tool is the fastest way to apply high tension strapping to bundles of timber and other building supplies.

To top it off we have portable PT dispensers that will streamline your application of strapping and save on time and waste, keeping your reels of strapping in place and untangled.

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Packaging in the warehousing and logistics industry

Packline has been supplying pallet wrapping, hand tools, strapping, strapping machines and pallet wrapping machines to assist in the safe transport and storage of packaged goods across the country. It doesn’t matter what the challenge is, we have the tools and equipment to carry out the best solution for your logistical and storage needs.

Our Orbitwrap pallet wrapping is by far the most efficient and economical material for securing your loads and we offer stand-alone or mobile pallet wrapping machines to get the job done quickly.

We have polypropylene strap that can be applied with one of our suitable handheld tensioners and seals. For the fast-paced warehouse floor, a strapping machine may be your solution. We supply consumables such as edge board protectors and plastic edge protectors to integrate with your wrapping system for the protection of your pallet loads during storage and transport.

To hold carton fillers such as Kraft paper and bubble wrap neatly, we provide benchtop or wall-mounted dispensers. Our doculopes and courier bags are supplied in bulk for eCommerce operations.

Wrapping solutions for cartons and small packages include tape dispensers, from benchtop mechanisms to handheld tape guns.

Gummed paper tape, BondTape is an innovative and environmentally friendly product that provides a superior tamper-proof seal, while being 100% recyclable. We have a range of water-activated tape dispensers, from totally manual to fully electronic.

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Packaging for the eCommerce industry

Packaging for eCommerce industries is big business. The rise of customers shopping online is phenomenal. With millions of packages sent through the mail or by freight each day, it is important to get your packaging right. Part of the experience of shopping online is the anticipation of a package that excites our senses and is a pleasure to open.

eCommerce packages can arrive from around the world, travelling long distances to get to our post boxes. The right kind of packaging is tough and able to handle long postage times, is aesthetic and provides brand messaging, is secure but not too hard to open (there is an actual thing called “Wrap Rage”) and environmentally friendly. Adding to the complexity is the need for packaging to be lightweight and affordable to send.

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Packaging in the freight and shipping industry

Industries that package a lot of goods into cartons for shipping use our hand tools for strapping and securing shipments. Larger scale operations need our strapping machines that do the job at top speed to keep up with production lines. We eliminate the problem of tangling strap with mobile strapping dispensers.

We supply pallet wrap and the handheld dispensers necessary to apply to wrap stacked pallets. For large industries that need a faster solution than manual wrapping, we supply state-of-the-art pallet wrapping machines.

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Packline is a reputable supplier to the packaging industries we work with, with aims to meet the exacting standards of the industries we serve. Our innovative, high-quality products and services will help you reduce costs, improve productivity, enhance workplace safety and promote care and concern for the environment. We are motivated to provide quality products with professional customer service. For more information about our range of industrial packaging solutions, feel free to contact us today. To place an order you can locate a Packline Solutions Stockist near you.